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Facebook Live Archives - Rebelle Rally

Facebook Live – Jeep Prep

Join Nena Barlow of Barlow Adventures for a course on how to get your Jeep rally ready! As the owner and operator of Barlow Adventure, Nena has been in the Jeep business since 1996. Not only is her knowledge of Jeeps extensive to say the least, Nena is also a 4wd instructor and 3x Rebelle. If you love Jeeps and vehicle prep, this course is for you!

Facebook Live – Jeep Prep2020-05-08T09:06:07-07:00

Facebook Live – Recovery Basics

We couldn't wait to have Overlanding BC take over our Facebook page for their course on Recovery Basics. This crew is one of the few companies we recommend for training - they are top notch instructors in the industry, and with a top notch program. Make sure you check out their Rebelle U training this August on our Events Page - Rebelle U Trail Training with Overlanding BC – Okanagan – Similkameen Region, BC! Get the notepad out now because [...]

Facebook Live – Recovery Basics2020-05-06T14:30:07-07:00

Facebook Live – Rally Competitor Marketing

Not only did Charlene Bower win the first ever Rebelle Rally in the 4x4 class, she also happens to own Ladies Offroad Network and Bower Media. To say she knows a thing or two about off-roading and marketing is an understatement. We are thrilled to have Charlene host the first ever Rally Competitor Marketing for Rebelle U. If you plan on competing in the Rebelle Rally or are a returning competitor needing to up the sponsorship game, this one is [...]

Facebook Live – Rally Competitor Marketing2020-05-01T15:39:06-07:00

Facebook Live – How to Avoid Common Mistakes on the Rebelle

Chris Woo has seen it all during his 4 years at Rebelle Rally Tech Director, including competitor mistakes that could have been avoided. So Chris put together some helpful tips for Rebelles and future Rebelles on not only being prepared for the competition, but leveling up the game. Watch now if you plan on doing the Rebelle or need a rally refresh!

Facebook Live – How to Avoid Common Mistakes on the Rebelle2020-04-24T10:32:06-07:00

Facebook Live – Seven Ways to Make Coffee on the Trail

With 4 Rebelles under her belt and 30 years in the army, Rachael Ridenour knows a thing or two about making coffee in remote areas and on the fly. Watch Rachael's seven ways to make coffee, and you'll be caffeinated on the trail in no time.

Facebook Live – Seven Ways to Make Coffee on the Trail2020-04-24T11:49:13-07:00

Facebook Live – Enduro Timing Part One

Watch Head Rally Judge and Scoring Director Chrissie Beavis discuss enduro timing, how to make calculations and understand Time/Speed/Distance. With Chrissie's experience as a (winning) professional navigator on the rally circuit, this is a must watch for new and returning Rebelles!

Facebook Live – Enduro Timing Part One2020-04-15T15:52:31-07:00