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Team Tuesday: Briana & Jennifer

Who says Team Tuesdays can't happen on Wednesdays?! Introducing a rookie team today from Reno, Nevada, who share a love of the ocean, great cuisine, and a destination of adventure. Welcome to the Rebelle Rally, Team #126 Briana Johnson and Jennifer Duve! Originally from California and Texas, Briana and Jennifer signed up for the rally because spending desert days off-roading with like-minded women doing what they love was something they just could not pass up this year. Plus, with Briana's [...]

Team Tuesday: Briana & Jennifer2021-08-18T06:14:11-07:00

Rebelle Rally and Renewable Innovations Puts Off-Grid Green, Electric Vehicle Charging on Center Stage at the Longest Competitive Off-Road Rally in the U.S.

The Rebelle Rally announced the return of green power leader Renewable Innovations (RI) as the key partner of their sustainability efforts for the longest competitive off-road rally in the United States. RI, based in Utah, is the leader in providing scalable green power any time, anywhere. The company will provide services to the Electrified Designation of vehicles and power three base camps on the course with solar. Remotely Powering Electrified Vehicles with Hydrogen The electric vehicle market is rapidly advancing, but much [...]

Rebelle Rally and Renewable Innovations Puts Off-Grid Green, Electric Vehicle Charging on Center Stage at the Longest Competitive Off-Road Rally in the U.S.2021-08-11T13:41:51-07:00

Team Tuesday: Thayer & Kathy

Welcoming back a couple of familiar faces in today's Team Tuesday! Thayer Low and Kathy Woods-Locke, both of Colorado, have teamed up for the first time together this year but neither one is a stranger to the Rebelle. Thayer is a 2x Rebelle having competed in her Land Rovers and Kathy is both a competitor in her Toyota FJ (2019) and onsite journalist (2018). As Team Heckraisers #164, they are 100% adventure women. Always looking for the next spot to [...]

Team Tuesday: Thayer & Kathy2021-08-10T13:29:53-07:00

Team Tuesday: Beth & Holly

Meet Maggie, a soon to be to be third teammate in the 2021 Rebelle Rally. And who's the duo behind this beast of a 2019 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road equipped with TOTAL Chaos suspension? That would be Team #128, Beth Rodriguez and Holly Trick! Please welcome Holly, Beth, and Maggie aka The Mad Maxines in today's Team Tuesday! Hailing from Brooklyn, NY and Chatham, MA, Beth and Holly are new to the Rebelle Rally. Both registered looking for a new [...]

Team Tuesday: Beth & Holly2021-08-03T06:13:03-07:00

The Rebelle Rally Welcomes onX Offroad as 2021 Partner

July 29, 2021 (Reno, NV) – The Rebelle Rally is proud to announce that onX Offroad has joined their top notch group of partners that include best-in-class innovators. “The onX App has been a game changer when I am setting the rally course,” Rebelle Rally founder Emily Miller revealed. “This year we have exciting new routes starting with Tech Inspection at the Hoover Dam. The ability to determine land ownership in real-time has removed the guesswork from determining where the route [...]

The Rebelle Rally Welcomes onX Offroad as 2021 Partner2021-07-29T11:42:43-07:00

Team Tuesday – Rori & Tiffany

Welcoming back a veteran Rebelle team in today's Team Tuesday! After a year off of the rally, this off-roading duo is ready to hit the dirt again this October as 4-time Rebelles. Like many Rebelle teams, Rori Lewis and Tiffany Walker only met a few times in person before competing together the first time in 2017. The great thing? They never looked back, going on to compete together in 2018 and 2019. Now back for 2021, Rori and Tiffany learned [...]

Team Tuesday – Rori & Tiffany2021-07-27T10:33:21-07:00

Team Tuesday: Allison & Elizabeth

We are stoked to welcome the fabulous sister duo that is Allison and Elizabeth Williams of Team Get Lost in today's Team Tuesday! Although they're a rookie team, both have experienced the Rebelle Rally from "the other side" - aka as media. These Pacific Northwest competitors loved covering the competition in 2019 so much they knew they had to compete together one day. And that one day happens to be this October.   Give a big round of applause for [...]

Team Tuesday: Allison & Elizabeth2021-07-20T13:03:27-07:00

Team Tuesday: Wendi Gulbransen & Fonda Matthews

Time to give that tired notion of the minivan driving, snack wielding soccer mom the boot!?   Adventurous, strong, Jeep-driven, and anything but typical, Team #115 Resilient Riders has arrived in Today's Team Tuesday!   Wendi Gulbransen and Fonda Matthews met through their sons playing on the same soccer team. Since then, they've taken on some incredible experiences together such as rock crawling in the Sierras - including the famous Rubicon Trail. With a mutual love for Jeeps, Japanese food, [...]

Team Tuesday: Wendi Gulbransen & Fonda Matthews2021-07-13T13:33:02-07:00

2021 Rebelle Contingency Program Presented by MAXTRAX & Adventure Imports

We are pleased to announce long-time Rebelle partner MAXTRAX, in conjunction with Adventure Imports, has announced a contingency program for 2021 competitors! This is the first year for the program, and teams will definitely be in the hunt for the prize as MAXTRAX is THE must-have gear for teams. Prizes are as follows for overall competition standings: 1st place team running MAXTRAX: $1,000 2nd place team running MAXTRAX: $500 3rd place team running MAXTRAX: $250 In addition, there will be [...]

2021 Rebelle Contingency Program Presented by MAXTRAX & Adventure Imports2021-07-14T06:39:11-07:00

Team Tuesday: Julia & Alicia

Four sets of sisters are competing in this year's Rebelle Rally and we are fired up at the sister power headed our way this October!! Case in point: sister duo and first-time team out of San Diego, Julia Stoner and Alicia Trigeiro. With deep roots in San Diego (five generations long), a love for their adventure mobile Rebelle rig, and an excitement about taking their first "vacation" together as adults (we can use the term vacation lightly here), Julia and [...]

Team Tuesday: Julia & Alicia2021-07-06T03:42:44-07:00