Welcome Rebelles!

The Rebelle Rally is the first women’s off-road navigation rally raid of its type in the United States. It is the ultimate road trip for the adventurous and competitive woman. The name of the game is pace and precision. You do not need to be a professional driver or have a race vehicle. The Rebelle is designed for 4×4 and Crossover vehicles and takes place on the stunning dirt roads, double tracks, trails, and sand dunes of the vast American West. Whether you are new to off-road, or a seasoned pro, our goal is to challenge you to embrace and enhance your driving and navigation skills for your future journeys – wherever they may lead you.

Below are some FAQs to help you gain a better understanding of the event.

  • General Info
  • The Competition – Skills / Training / Vehicles
  • Base Camp / Food & Beverage / Weather / Medical
  • Marketing / Media / Social Media
  • Equipment / Packing


Comply with all listed dates, paperwork, rules and regulations, and show required items upon technical inspection. Be on time and comply with the code of sportsperson-like conduct.

YES! And we encourage both teammates to have sharp navigation and driving skills. It will improve your results and your experience.

You are responsible for your vehicle. The terrain is a combination of dirt roads, double tracks, trails, and sand dunes (excluding Crossovers) and can cause wear and tear and “desert pinstriping” (caused from brushing twigs, bushes, trees, etc.). There may be course changes due to erosion and flooding. Expect washouts, rocks, etc. We recommend driving smoothly and carefully, make good decisions on where to place your vehicle, and don’t drive over your abilities or your car or truck’s capabilities. If you drive too fast, make poor driving decisions, etc., you can cause harm to you and your vehicle.

NO! This rally is designed for stock vehicles that you buy from a dealer. All vehicles MUST be street legal, plated, and able to travel on Interstates at the posted speed limits. Remember, the 4×4 in your driveway is more capable than you may know. However, we do recommend good off-road tires and underbody protection. Sturdy bumpers, removed lower air dams (if necessary), and lights are also good considerations. You get out of the vehicle frequently and use regular paper maps. Your need for extreme accuracy is important and a rain storm and wind will make it very difficult for the navigator. So regular doors, windshields, all windows, and seatbelts make this rally much more enjoyable than a modified truck or open Jeep.

1st Place: The prize for winning a specific class is free entry into the following Rebelle Rally, bragging rights, and a custom trophy and other non-cash prizes. (4×4 Class and the Crossover Class winners will receive $5,000 in credit for each competitor toward the following year’s entry. This cannot be converted to a cash prize if the competitor chooses not to compete the following year.)

2nd Place: Custom trophy and non-cash prizes

3rd Place: Custom trophy and non-cash prizes

Team Spirit Award: This special award is selected by the competitors and given to the team that displays the best attitude, helps others, and defines the Rebelle spirit. This team will have $5,000 donated to the charity of their choosing. This will be announced at the final gala dinner.

Bone Stock Award: An award we are excited about is the “Bone Stock” award. This is the team that gets the highest score in a completely “Bone Stock” vehicle. One will be awarded for each class. A Bone Stock vehicle is defined as not having any modifications beyond off-road tires. Nothing.

International Cup: With the overwhelming interest from women across the globe, we are launched the International Cup in 2017. An International team is defined as 2 teammates, non-US citizens or holding dual citizenship, and a valid non-US passport. A minimum one teammate must live full-time abroad. The highest scoring International team gets $2,500 donated in their name to the charity of their choice.

Rookie of the Year: The highest scoring team comprised of two first-time Rebelle Rally competitors will win trophies and Suunto winner’s watches.

Due to the nature of the competition, and land management concerns, they are not allowed at the Base Camps or to follow you, but will be able to track your progress online with our Iritrack system. You and your teammate need to remain focused and in the moment. Opportunities for friends and family to join teams at tech inspection and finishing events of 2021 TBD due to COVID-19. Please contact us if you have family traveling to the area for a vacation during your time on the rally. We are happy to make travel suggestions.

You don’t need to be a professional driver or navigator. However, you do need to show us you are ready for the desert challenge. A 4×4 driving course or equivalent experience, and an introductory navigation course (offered online and free of charge by the Rebelle to pre-registered participants) is required to cross the starting line.

Payment is completed as a team. Full registration amount is determined based on date of registration. Teams have two options for payment:

Full Registration:

$12,750 Early Registration – Prior to April 1st

$12,990 – After April 1st

Yearly Rebelles: $1000 off registration (a minimum of one teammate must be a 100% Rebelle)

Returning Rebelles: $500 off team registration (a minimum of one teammate must be a returning Rebelle from any previous year)

^These discounts cannot be combined together, or used with other discounts such as credits from the 2020 Rebelle earned by winning teams.

Installment Plan Options:

Installment Plans:  $200 fee applied upon first payment | 4 payments total (Invoice is calculated on the date of sign up.)

Payment #1 – $3200 – Down payment holds a full team place

Payments #2 and #3 – Amount and due date calculated at time of registration

Payment #4 – Due on September 10th, amount calculated at time of registration

Installment plans secured after June 1st will be run on a two or three payment system. 

A $100 late payment fee will be assessed to any 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th payments received after due date. A 30-day grace period will be granted to hold team spot. After 30 days with no payment, team spot is forfeited unless arrangements have been made! NO EXCEPTIONS.

Due to the high production costs, permitting fees, and guarantees the organization must make per team, and limited number of team spots, please understand and respect the cancellation policy you are agreeing to.

From December 15th – April 30th: 10% of full registration fee will be retained.
From May 1st – July 31st: 25% of full registration fee will be retained.
From August 1st – August 31st: 50% of full registration fee will be retained.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing. An email is valid, but your cancellation is not considered final until a rally staff person confirms receipt of the email.  If you do not receive a notice, please contact the rally office immediately.

For questions regarding registration, please contact Andrea Bullard @ (760)613-9290 or info@rebellerally.com. Teams are not considered fully registered until documents are complete, payment is processed, and an email confirmation is returned to the team.


We will not publish the course until the day of each stage. Currently, we have several Base Camps and one Self-camp night. This is subject to change. Be prepared for the adventure. We will post a general course update just prior to the start. You will receive maps of the roads and Base Camps for safety purposes at the start.

Navigation Skills:

  • Knowing how to read a map
  • Knowing how to use a compass
  • Knowing how to use a plotter
  • Plotting latitude and longitude on a map
  • Triangulation
  • Route planning
  • Reading pace notes/tulip notes
  • Understanding pace
  • Basic understanding of angles (geometry)
  • Good communication and organization skills

Driving Skills & Knowledge:

  • Knowing how and when to use 4 wheel drive (high range & low range)
  • Understanding traction control & throttle control
  • Knowing how to judge appropriate speed for the terrain
  • Ability to read terrain
  • Tire placement
  • Knowing your vehicle’s capabilities and limitations
  • Negotiating rocks, sand, loose dirt, washouts and ruts, etc.
  • Sand dune technique
  • Knowing your capabilities and limitations as a driver & making good, safe decisions
  • Changing a tire
  • Managing a vehicle’s fluids
  • Knowing how to get a vehicle unstuck

The Rebelle Rally is open to stock vehicles. Vehicles must be street legal. Vehicles must be plated, and able to travel at posted speed limits on all roads including Interstates. Items such as roll cages and harnesses are not required. Skid plates and reinforced bumpers are good options.
Please contact the rally staff to inquire about specific vehicle questions.

4-wheel drive vehicles with a two-speed transfer case (low range)
Examples: Jeep Wrangler/Rubicon, pickup trucks and SUVs including Toyota Tacoma 4×4, Chevy Colorado, Land Rover / Range Rover

Unibody construction and two-wheel or all-wheel drive (no low range)
Examples: Subaru Forrester/Outback, Mitsubishi Outlander, Toyota RAV4, etc.

For vehicles in question, please contact the rally staff.

This is an important section that takes place on October 8th in Lake Tahoe area (location TBA). This will allow us to meet with you to distribute necessary items, install tracking, check for required items, register for fuel service, etc. Time schedule of the 8th will be announced by July 1st.  The day is expected to start early with Welcome Meeting and Rally School. You can view a sample Tech Inspection sheet here.

You can view a list of required items below or in PDF form here.


We have designed an interesting course that is fun to drive (in our book!) and respectful to our desert environment. It is composed of the primary portion of challenges  –  called Compass & Map Challenges.  The secondary challenges are called Rebelle Enduro Challenges (REC) whereby competitors use roadbooks to remain “on route” and in some challenges, “on time” factoring in time, speed, distance for average speed (at or under speed limits).  Our goal is that when you finish, you have tested and sharpened your driving skills, and definitely sharpened several different types of navigation skills. The Rebelle Rally combines multiple types of navigation/driving challenges including the following items:

  • Navigation to checkpoints (CPs)
  • Checkpoint accuracy
  • time, speed, distance sections between CPs
  • Checkpoint decisions factoring in skill, time, strategy
  • Roadbook reading (including pace notes/tulips) & management
  • Plotting checkpoint Latitude and Longitudes
  • Plotting distance and heading
  • Route choice
  • Map reading

The primary navigation tools are compass, plotter, ruler, calculator, and scales.  The rally supplies the maps, roadbook, scorecard, and daily CP Guide detailing the CP locations and key information.  We also recommend a stopwatch and Terratrip or non-GPS odometer for the navigator to use as a reference.   Key information for the day’s leg will be given in the mandatory daily competitor briefings.

The checkpoints are rated as green, blue, and black, indicating the level of difficulty in finding the CP and what to expect then they “see” it. A green CP is marked with a prominent green flag and course official. A blue CP is marked with a smaller blue flag for marking such as a blue, Rebelle branded stake.   A black CP bears no physical marking, and competitors must get within the “bullseye” to get points.  All competitors have a handheld Iridium tracking device that they signal when at the CP. You only have one chance to signal the tracker.   The tracker gives a time stamp and latitude/longitude coordinate which the team records on their scorecard.  Signaling the tracker more than once at the location to “try again” or to get a coordinate to help pinpointing your location results in a penalty.

Rebelle Enduro Challenges involve a specific prescribed route with an assigned start time, and in some RECs, assigned target average speeds through the route.

Time controls will be encountered along the route, indicated by a sign at the right side of the road, (not necessarily noted in the route book) where competitors’ time of passage will be recorded by control workers. The goal of competitors is to follow the route and maintain assigned target speeds as closely as possible, points are awarded for being “on time” at each time control.  Competitors should continue at the prescribed average speed without stopping or slowing at or immediately after a passage timing control, as doing so will be unsafe and disruptive.  Each REC section will finish just before a Green Checkpoint unless otherwise denoted, which is dealt with in the usual manner, and after which the time constraints no longer apply.  Points are awarded for ideal “on-time” passage at each timing control.

Penalty points are subtracted from the overall score. The team with the highest score is the winner of the Rebelle Rally. No team will be eligible to win if they have been penalized for outside assistance. In the unlikely occurrence all teams receive outside assistance, the winner will be the team with the highest score.

Prior to the event, the exact route is only known by the course and land management officials and not published until the day of competition.

Please see the following helpful slide below:
Rebelle Competition & Scoring Visual 2018

Your safety is a top priority. Teams will receive two tracking devices, and one satellite phone. These units will be installed and distributed at Technical Inspection. This allows the course officials to track your vehicle and checkpoints. You will have the ability to call the safety officials in case of an emergency, and for rally officials to communicate with you. If teams cannot find the evening Base Camp, competitors will be contacted after the close of the final CP and assisted back to the Base Camp.


The Rebelle Rally offers an introductory navigation course webcast and online supporting materials.

Additional driving and navigation courses will be held starting in March and continue through September. These are not designed to teach how to win the Rebelle, but to build strong off-road driving and navigation skills.  A schedule is posted online. We encourage you to do additional training to sharpen your skills. For driving courses or training, search your local area, or contact local off-road or vehicle or Jeep clubs.  These can be excellent resources.   For navigation, we recommend checking with your local REI for a map and compass class, and checking your local area for orienteering clubs, as these outlets can be great practice for getting to “know where you are and where you are going.”


Driving courses are offered by several reputable outlets across the country.

Arizona area:
Barlow Adventures
Contact: Nena Barlow

The 4×4 Center (Vermont)

All teams have a designated mechanics team provided by the rally. You can use the mechanic services at the base camp at night to check and fix your vehicle as needed. You must bring your own spares.  Competitors can work on their own vehicles and will have access to a neutral location in the mechanics area.

If your car breaks down on the course and you cannot fix it or limp it to the Base Camp, use your supplied tracking equipment to contact officials. A team of mechanics will come to your vehicle, assess the problem, and fix it if possible. If it cannot be fixed in the field or at the Base Camp, we will call a tow company. The tow company will tow the vehicle to the nearest primary city (Reno, Las Vegas, Riverside, San Diego, etc.). You will stay with your vehicle until it is repaired. You will have a rally point of contact. You will stay in communication with that point of contact and inform them of progress and your schedule. You can come back to the rally to continue the competition (although you will have missed checkpoints) regardless of what day you return. Towing and repairs that are done in a city, and not at the rally, and your expenses while away from the rally, will be paid for by the particular team.

No. However, if your mechanic has interest in volunteering services during the rally, this can be submitted for review by the rally. The mechanic would become a part of the mechanics team under the direction of our lead mechanic and work on other vehicles as well as yours. However, your vehicle would not be placed in a priority system. The lead mechanic oversees assignments.

A fuel truck will be onsite at the Base Camps and predetermined locations on the Marathon Stage. Competitors will fuel in the evening or prior to morning departure. You are not allowed to carry jerry cans of fuel. You are allowed a properly ventilated accessory fuel tank (must be approved by rally official.) We recommend your vehicle can travel between 250- 300 miles on one tank of fuel.

YES! We encourage it – from stickers to partial and full wraps – it allows you to show off your sponsors and add your personal touch to your team and vehicle. Vehicle wraps can also help protect the paint from pinstriping. However, please refer to guidelines as the rally will have specific locations for required rally decals (including rally sponsors). Rally decals will be applied by rally staff at technical inspections.

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 10.16.50 AM

Prepared vehicles can be rented. Barlow Adventures has a specific Rebelle rental package:

Barlow Adventures
Nena Barlow
(928) 282-8700
Vehicle Types: Jeep Wrangler – with modifications

You may not have a device that will enable you to communicate in real time or show GPS maps. Cell phones and GPS/Internet enabled devices are not allowed. However, some GoPro cameras are allowed, along with other digital cameras. These items should be enclosed in a case and display your team number. The case will be sealed by rally staff to be stored by you in your vehicle. You will show the sealed case at the finish line each day to ensure there has been no tampering/opening.  Below is a list of prohibited items, but ensure you read the Rulebook clearly for detailed information.

You cannot use your cell phone until after the event. However, there will be available phones at the Base Camp for emergencies, and important calls. You will check in with rally staff to use the phone.

Rebelle Tools:

  • Compass
  • Map (supplied by the rally)
  • Plotter
  • Ruler (with metric scale)
  • Minute ruler / lat long scale
  • Roadbook (supplied by rally)
  • Map board
  • Pencils
  • Calculator

Resources for purchase:

COMPASS:  We recommend SUUNTO products as we have found them to be reliable and durable.  We prefer two models in particular – MC-2 and KB 20 models.  We highly recommend adventurers should always keep a compass with a sighting mirror in your kit.  The MC-2G has a global needle and works anywhere.  If you travel out of the country, this is the model for you.  Don’t forget to double up on key items such as compass, plotters, scales.  You would not want to lose one!

We recommend using scales for the specific maps you are working with.  We will announce the map scales prior to the rally.  However, the practice maps for the online navigation training are 1:50,000 and you will need the corresponding scale.  We recommend purchasing from maptools.com.  This scales include lat/lon on one side and distance scales in km/miles on the other.  Click the link below.  The additional scales are also recommended for future use.

1:50,000 scale – https://www.maptools.com/product/Ruler50
1:100,000 – https://www.maptools.com/product/Ruler100
1:200,000 – https://www.maptools.com/product/Ruler200

You will need a plotter (Breton or Portland) that has a moveable compass rose, similar to the ones in the video.  There are several outlets to purchase.

Try this one or look for similar products – Weems & Plath  http://www.weems-plath.com/Products/Plotting-Tools-1/Weems-Protractor.html


You will want a firm surface to attach your maps to.  This helps for plotting, and map work while in and out of the vehicle.  We recommend a rectangular surface in the range of 18″x20″ or similar.  Please note that you will want something durable and lightweight.  Cardboard works just fine, but be cautious to not use something that could be dangerous or cause harm in an accident.


The rally will have several Base Camps along the route. This is a traveling support village complete with toilets, showers, food, medical staff, mechanics, event staff, and competition officials. You will place your tent in a marked area. On loops that return to the same Base Camp, we recommend keeping your sleeping bag and other items with you for safety purposes. We cannot guarantee the security of personal items left behind in the Base Camp.

On the Marathon Stage, you will self-camp at a designated location. This means that you will have other teams around you along with some rally staff. However, you will not have the amenities and services of Base Camp.

5 am – Wake Up
5 am – Breakfast Open
6 am – Competitor Briefing
7 am – Start
5-7 pm – Base Camp Arrivals
7 pm – Dinner
10 pm – Quiet Hours

Start times may be altered due to the length of the stages. Changes to start times will be announced at the initial competitor briefing.

You can bring your own food. However, dinners and breakfasts will be prepared in the Base Camp. On the Marathon Stage, dinner and the following breakfast will not be served. We will provide bag lunches for your team that will suffice for lunch and MREs for your Marathon stage meals. Of course, you are not limited to rations on the Marathon, and this is a great chance to cook out under the stars. So if you like, plan your menu and enjoy! We highly encourage you to bring your favorite snacks.  PLEASE BRING plate, cup, utensils, thermos, and ability to boil water (Jet Boil recommended).

We supply drinking water daily to each competitor. Please ensure you bring reusable water bottles (we recommend 2 large bottles per person). You will also bring a water reservoir for storing additional potable water. We ask that you refrain from bringing disposable plastic bottles!

Each breakfast and dinner in Base Camp will be prepared by Rebelle F&B service, overseen by our chef. Prior to the rally, you will submit a Rebelle competitor sheet that will include key items such as emergency contacts, allergies, food allergies, etc. Competitors will be offered selections that accommodate concerns such as dairy and gluten intolerance, etc. However, we do recommend you bring your favorite snacks or other food items you might like to work with your dietary restrictions.

Given the nature of the event, alcohol is not served in Base Camp. Alcohol will be served at closing ceremony gala.

While I wish we could predict the weather, be prepared for just about anything. We will be traveling north to south. The temperatures should be moderate. Lows can range in 20s-40s in the north and the 50s-60s in the south. Highs tend to average between the 60s to 90s. Please expect wind.  The rally will post an update in the Competitor Zone the week prior to the event.

Then we will get wet, muddy, and possibly stuck more than once. We will monitor and communicate with teams from a safety perspective. Remember, the core of this rally is the competition. Despite some of the amenities, it is not a luxury travel trip.

Being physically fit can help in a number of ways, especially for stamina and to stave off fatigue.
You will have to get out of your vehicle regularly, as well as walk short (up to approximately .5km) distances to some checkpoints with a higher navigation difficulty rating.

Flexibility, cardiovascular strength and a general level of muscular strength will be helpful. You do have to have a letter from your doctor within 30 days of the event stating you are medically cleared to participate.

You will need a letter signed by your doctor within 1 month of competition stating you are medically cleared to participate. You are responsible for bringing your personal medication.
There is a basic medical attention at the Base Camp, and search and rescue medical providers on course. We also have immediate communications to local and regional medical/safety teams including air service. All teams are required to carry 1 First Aid kit in the vehicle. It should be easily accessible. Although not required, it is always a good idea to take a Red Cross First Aid & CPR course, as it can help you in your future adventures.


Please note, this is not a race. However, you might encounter vehicle problems that are driving induced, or maintenance issues unrelated or unforeseen. You must bring your spares with you in a case you can fit in your vehicle (tires secured and/or mounted). Please note that if you break a part that you do not have, the mechanics will work to source the part (the part is at your expense). It is not guaranteed that can be found in an immediate timeframe. Please check with your personal mechanic to determine necessary parts for your vehicle. We have outlined the common parts below that can be problematic on an event of this nature:

  • 2 spare tires on wheels
  • Belts (including timing belt)
  • Fuses
  • Fuel filter
  • Front and rear shock absorbers
  • Tie rods
  • Clutch cable
  • Hoses
  • Fluids

Competitor Info – Basic (due at the time of registration)
Vehicle Info – Form available August 1st (due August 31st)
Participant Agreement with Waiver (signed upon registration and signed again onsite).
Present a signed letter within 1 month of the event from your doctor stating you are medically cleared.

All women who meet the criteria, are medically cleared, and over 18 years of age are invited to participate. Please note, all briefings and printed materials are in English. If you request assistance or additional information, please contact the rally staff.

Rally Director: Emily Miller

Email: info@rebellerally.com

Phone – 775.345.3450
Toll Free – 888.789.4449

Competitor Liaison: Andrea Bullard

Email: andrearebellerally@gmail.com

Phone – 760.613.9290

Media Director: Kirsten Tiegen

Email: media@rebellerally.com

Technical Director: Chris Woo


Most digital cameras now come with Wi-Fi connectivity, but this does not mean the camera is internet enabled. In able to see geotagging information or GPS coordinates the user would need an “internet enabled” device such as a smart phone, laptop, or tablet to retrieve such information.  Wi-Fi enabled does not mean Internet enabled… However, there are now digital cameras that have GPS functions that will show you map info and geotagging information in camera. Specifically the newer Panasonic Lumix series.

If your digital camera can display GPS coordinates or geotagging information without the use of another Internet enabled device this camera is not allowed.