The Rebelle Rally covers more than 2,000 kilometers of stunning terrain across the Nevada and California desert. 

It is designed as the ultimate competition combining multiple navigation rally skills.   We like to think of it as the total package.  You will be surrounded by women who share your adventurous and competitive spirit as you drive and navigate your way to checkpoints across the American West.  And best of all, you get to leave your cell phone, computer, GPS, & headaches behind.  It’s all about YOU.  And your endless abilities.


»   Registration for a team of two competitors. 1 team = two people
»   10-day event with 8 days of competition
»   Mechanics team – shared by all competitors 
»   Safety / rescue teams 
»   Comfortable base camps with showers & bathrooms
»   Food & beverage including water during competition days (24 meals per competitor / 48 meals for the team)
»   Team vests, t-shirts and a gift bag with complimentary gear from our sponsors
»   Rebelle Rally branded jacket for competitors who register before December 31st, 2020

»   Finish award ceremonies in the majestic Imperial Dunes
»   2 gala tickets / 1 per competitor (Gala TBD)
»   Maps 
»   Tracking services for family, friends, fans, and media to follow your team online
»   Introductory online navigation course (with map and CP Guide downloads)
»   Early registration & installment plans available (see registration form).

»    For OE vehicle manufacturer and corporate program registration and costs, please contact, or call 775.345.3450.

»  Team Pricing (2 competitors + 1 vehicle):  Early registration (Before April 1st) $12,750 – Regular Registration (After April 1st) $12,990


»  Vehicle and insurance
»  Satellite tracking equipment –  $695.
»  Anticipated fuel cost – vehicle dependent – TBD (~$400-500 per team)
»  Vehicle equipment 
»  Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad)
»  First aid kit
»  Navigation equipment – compass, ruler, plotter, and calculator
»  Driving and navigation training 
»  Visa (if necessary)

»  Travel to and from event


Tech Inspection – Location TBA. Special hotel pricing TBA.
Finish – Imperial Sand Dunes, California. Competitors stay in Base Camp.
Any changes to the finish events will be announced prior to July 1. 
Multiple Base Camps & 1-2 self camp marathon stages (course dependent).
Base Camp is a traveling support village complete with toilets, showers as available, food, medical staff, mechanics, event staff, and competition officials. 
Teams will self-camp at a designated location during the marathon stage(s). This means that you will have other teams around you along with some rally staff. However, you will not have the same amenities and services of a full Base Camp. These can be some of the most fun experiences and bonding time with other teams.


Competitors are provided breakfast, lunch, and dinner during competition.
Mountain House meals, and other snack/food choices are provided to teams for daily lunches and dinner while on the Marathon Leg(s).
We will provide water.
We will factor in basic food allergies and provide a variety of options. We do encourage you to bring your favorite snacks or snacks to work with your dietary restrictions.